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Arab Pop Art, The Revolution and Instagram By Tamara Ghantous


BERLIN- You could say that the cry for expression and rebellion during the Arab Spring inspired an art revolution in the Arab art scene. Arab artists wanted to create work that could reach the masses outside museum doors and spark enough controversy to change the status quo. In their new found purpose, they sought for creative freedom in the pop art movement and redefined it into something more personal, liberal and influential. 

The Arab Pop Art movement became larger than a commercial phenomenon. Young Arab artists contextualized social, cultural and political daily life connotations. Thus, taking up the important role of commentators in rejoicing the Arab local identity with the aim of being candid, critical and blunt.  One cannot begin to explain the Arab identity and the Arab spring without reflecting on the rise of Arabic Pop Art.

That being said, the Arabic pop art movement did not kick off during the Arab Spring; It actually began decades ago in the late 60’s, transitioning away from contemporary middle eastern art of that time. In its beginnings, the movement was so shocking that it was claimed to be too rebellious and well certainly, out of order! READ MORE 

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