Shipping all around the world!
Shipping all around the world!
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About us

Our story begins in 2014 when we created a page on Instagram to be used as a creative platform for artists from around the world to feature their work in the rising art movement in the Arab world that combined Pop culture and pop art with an Arabic twist. And we called it “Arabic Pop Art” 

With a new visual identity, we have seen many professional as well as armature artists from the Middle East and across North Africa feel a new sense of representation of their region and young generation. They depicted ideas of pop culture, nostalgia and culture appreciation. 

As the page grew with more followers and more popularity in the region and the international scene, more artists joined the wave and their ideas grew with them. The artworks began to capture the reality of daily life in the region and the artists realized this new found freedom of expression and spoke up to the struggles our region is enduring. This activist side of Arabic pop art - that stood for causes such as the solidarity with Palestine, female empowerment and the new wave of the Arab spring - became the frontlines and the driver of this movement. 

And now in 2021, 7 years after creating “Arabic Pop Art” page on Instagram, we have published our very own website! Thanks to our hundreds of thousands of followers from all around the world enjoying this art movement and we hope we have done a good job in presenting it. 

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